Are You At Odds And Ends With Yourself
Lately, Are You Trying To Work Out "How
To Get Her Back Super Fast" Yes or No?


Just before I start writing about a few things on what you could do to get her back, I want to ask you
or anyone that's going to read this parable a few reality checks QUESTIONS if I
 may catechize.

Do you known the difference between a Zebra and a Tiger? furthermore in saying that, do they
have anything in common Yes or No?.

Why? you might be asking yourself I am putting this on to you.

Well for starters here are a few things to esteem over.

#1 The Tiger only wants to kill its prey and feed itself and its cluster Right.
#2 The Tiger is powerful and very aggressive, furthermore Intimidating Right.
#3 The Tiger has a very distinctive characteristic about it to serve as and distinguish itself from
others Right? if you don't no it's there stripes and colours, most are orange and black but, some
are black and white

#1 The Zebra is somewhat group within the horse classification Right, but it lives in the wild.
#2 The Zebra only hands around large numbers of its only kind to protect itself and others Right.
#3 The Zebra is quite fast.
#4 The Zebra only comes in black and white and has stripes Right.

Moving forward with this now, the only thing they really have in common are there stripes and
nothing more Right.

They are at odds and ends with each other, and its been like that their whole life.

Either one will never change there ways nor can they change their stripes no matter what.

What's the moral of this story, well if you really think about it are you in the same situation as above.

If so, I can not help you no matter what I write, it's just impossible.

Furthermore in saying that, you can not believe for one moment that just because you have only
one thing in common which is the stripes, that alone justify anything whatsoever in [how to get her
back super fast], to be totally honest with you, where is the love? its be killed on one end and on
the other end its about survival Right, can you see where I am coming from now, it will never work.

Now that I have written about how it will never work because of those situations in depth in you
mind, let's get going with a few positives things you might try OK.

If you can start adjusting your moods in a positive way without getting to far from yourself then
there could be opportunities to start over.

In saying that, if kids are involved and you start using them to do your donkey work or unpleasant
thankless task you have just hit a dead end before you even started, e.g you are out in a public
area and your kids start saying fuck off, dick head, she or he is so [overweight] now, they are no
longer [looking after themselves], they are [quite a turn off].

If they start saying all these sort of words in front of people guess what, it only demonstrate how
low the whole family has become, with no respect for no one within there only kindred, so how
could you even start to try to get her back, you just ran of the cliff with no comeback, basically its
complete over between the two of you because there's no control within the whole family now.

It's hard enough trying to get her back but, when your also facing the kids that have turn on you,
that now becomes a totally different scenario that is so complex to say the least.

Believe it or not, respect shows character, authority, responsibility and that you are a person
that has the skills to listen and be polite when need be.

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